Server Solutions and Maintenance

Advanced server infrastructure app hosting, operation supervision, and development.

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    Infrastructure Design and Implementation

    Depending on the complexity of the application, we carefully design and implement the server infrastructure that will serve as the storage for the app.

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    Data Backup

    Our servers are a safe space for all data, which we back up regularly to minimize the risk of losing our clients’ work.

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    An unavailable server, error in the logs, disk at capacity, or CPU overload can cause many inconveniences. Thanks to advanced monitoring, we receive timely alerts, and we can react promptly.

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    Web App Maintenance

    Without maintenance, the web can become outdated fast. Regularly updating the web application contributes to its long-term sustainability and security. As part of our monthly work, we update all packages and the platform and incorporate required modifications that are not feasible through the CMS.

FRIO standards

See an overview of the technologies and standards that we use in our work.

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