Frontend (HTML/CSS/JS)

We code fast, responsive, valid, search-engine-optimized & user-friendly templates.

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    Framework selection always takes place by mutual agreement and depending on the project. With simpler projects, we use our own sandbox but we are also friends with Bootstrap and Tailwind. The supplied templates also include a styleguide offering guidance when styling new subpages.

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    Coding methodology - BEM

    When coding templates, we use proven modern trends, including the DOM element naming methodology. Thanks to the unified naming and component approach, a third-party programmer is able to continue working efficiently without a need to study extensive documentation.

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    The page loading time is an important factor for search engines, bots and visitors. Minification is a process, in which we remove all unnecessary and redundant elements (spaces, comments) having no impact on website functionality. The process is fully automated using GULP tasks and duly documented.

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    Website responsiveness ensures optimal displaying of web pages on any device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone...). The layout of elements on the page changes depending on size of the display used so that available space is utilized as best as possible while remaining user-friendly.

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    The templates we prepare are valid and meet all technical requirements for improving organic search, metadata, microformats and other technicalities.

FRIO standards

See the overview of technology solutions and standards we use in our work.

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