Frontend (HTML/CSS/JS)

Quick, responsive, and valid SEO and user-friendly templates.

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    Technologies and Frameworks

    The choice of technologies and frameworks is always customized depending on a specific project. We have our sandbox but are also 'friends' with Bootstrap and Tailwind combined with popular JS technologies NEXT, REACT, NODE, or TypeScript. The templates provided include a style guide for creating new subpages.

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    Enrolment methodology - BEM

    We use established latest trends for coding templates, including the methodology of naming DOM elements. Thanks to the uniform naming and component-based approach, another programmer can continue the work efficiently without the need to review extensive documentation first.

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    The page loading speed is crucial for search engines, robots, and visitors. Minification is a process in which we remove all unnecessary and redundant elements (spaces, comments) that will not affect the site's functionality. The process is fully automated using GULP tasks and documented.

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    The site's responsiveness ensures optimal displaying of a page on any device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.). The page layout is optimized depending on the display size enabling the given area to be best suited and user-friendly.

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    The templates we prepare are valid and meet all the technical requirements to improve organic search, metadata, microformats, and other technicalities.

FRIO standards

See an overview of the technologies and standards that we use in our work.

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