Customized online stores and web apps

E-commerce websites, online stores, and web apps tailored to your business needs.

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    Tailor-Made E-Commerce Websites and Online Stores

    We can create a fast, comfortable, and automated online store that will meet all the specific needs for the successful operation of your business. The customized solution only contains the agreed functionality used by your customers or for store management. This way, the app does not contain large amounts of unused source code and is optimized directly for your needs, which directly impacts the loading speed of the page in the browser, and the processes used by the online store.

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    Customized Web Apps

    In addition to the online store, we can create any web app based on specific needs and requirements, from a specifically focused portal to various internal systems for recording and managing data, customers, orders, etc. The advantage of apps created using web technologies lies in their easy accessibility anywhere in the world and their independence from any device or operating system. The app is accessible anytime and anywhere via a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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    Variability and Independence

    With a customized solution, there are no technical limitations in case of a need to expand or modify the online store or web application. There are unlimited possibilities for system integrations with third-party services (payment gateways, warehouse systems, accounting systems, logistics systems, etc.), countless possibilities for creating new functionalities for customers that can help increase conversions and the number of purchases, or unlimited options to manage the web apps in the administration interface. There is no dependence on the availability of existing plugins.

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    Internal Applications

    With a customized solution, the internal processes can be optimized in the background, and many routine tasks can be automated which saves time.

FRIO standards

See an overview of the technologies and standards that we use in our work.

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