Backend (PHP)

Vytvárame API rozhrania, importy/exporty dát, prepojenia webových aplikácií a mnohé ďalšie.

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    Neobmedzené možnosti aplikácie

    Do Vašej aplikácie dokážeme implementovať on-line platobné brány, analytické nástroje, prepojenia so skladovými, účtovnými, ERP či logistickými systémami alebo vytvoriť API rozhranie. Všetky Vaše dáta tak môžu byť automaticky prepojené a zdieľané všade tam, kde ich potrebujete.

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    In our work, we use Nette – the popular Czech PHP framework providing perfect security for your application against CSRF and XSS attacks, effective database work, being also easily expandable with various packages.

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    For the application to function properly, it is only natural that we write a well-structured code meeting all our internal coding standards. This results in the application being sustainable in the long term and in the ability to incorporate a new functionality without endangering other functional parts of the website.

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    Tests & logs

    To err is human but to log is divine. The application captures errors that may appear in its operation. Thanks to in-depth error logging, we are able to quickly and efficiently eliminate any shortcoming that appears. Static code analysis is performed automatically before going live thanks to CI/CD.

FRIO standards

See the overview of technology solutions and standards we use in our work.

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