Backend (PHP)

API interfaces, data imports/exports, web app links, and more.

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    Unlimited Possibilities of the Apps

    We can implement online payment gateways, analytical tools, interfaces with warehouses, accounting, ERP, and logistics systems or create API interfaces for your application. This way, all your data can be automatically linked and shared wherever needed.

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    We use the popular Czech PHP framework Nette, which provides perfect security for your application against CSRF and XSS attacks, efficient database handling, and is easily extensible with various packages.

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    For the app's proper functionality, it is only natural for us to write clear code that meets all our internal coding standards, making the application sustainable in the long term. We can incorporate new functionality without compromising other functioning parts of the site.

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    Tests & logs

    To err is human, but to log is divine. The application catches the errors that may occur during its operation. Thanks to deep error logging, we can quickly and efficiently eliminate the flaws that have appeared. Thanks to CI/CD, the static code analysis is always automated before it goes into production.

FRIO standards

See an overview of the technologies and standards that we use in our work.

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